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Gravity Tractor and NEO
Gravity Tractor and NEO

Gravity Tractor and NEO

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Problem 1:
A) What would be the force between a 85 meter diameter NEO (mass = 1 million metric tons) and a gravity tractor loaded with 1000 metric tons of rocks and parked at a constant distance of 85 meters from the center of mass of the NEO?
B) What would be the acceleration of the NEO as a result?
C) What would be the velocity change of the NEO after 1 year of operation?

Problem 2:
Your NEO bound spacecraft is hit by a stony meteoroid with the mass (2.5 gram) of a United States one cent coin (penny) traveling at 35 km/s.
A) What mass of TNT would contain an explosive power equal the kinetic energy of this meteoroid? If possible, compare the impact energy to the explosion of some familiar item.
B) Would the impact be capable of doing significant damage to your craft?


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